The CMCC has two major platforms: tissue banks with clinical annotation, and advanced molecular technology. Bringing these platforms together creates an unsurpassed synergy aimed at a new molecular classification of cancer disease.

The tissue banks with clinical annotation are based on the surgical units at Aarhus University Hospital (Aarhus Sygehus, Skejby Sygehus), that inform patients and collect the samples at the operation room, if the patients agree to participate in the project.

Large resources are devoted to sample registration, sample transport to  the laboratory and extraction of molecules needed for research (DNA, RNA, proteins), as well as registration of clinical data on diagnosis, stage of disease, findings at follow-up etc. Tailor-suited database solutions have been developed for this purpose and are constantly being updated with data.

The technology platform is mainly based at Aarhus University Hospital. Modern equipment as high throughput robots, advanced microarray technology, sequencers, laser micro-dissectors and other are being used to generate complex datasets. The obtained large datasets are analyzed by doctors and molecular biologists in collaboration with epidemiologists and mathematicians, who are experts in data-mining.