To follow the activities, generate new visions and support the synergy the CMCC has established an advisory board.
The members are clinicians and scientists participating in the center as well as external experts and representatives from hospitals and the cancer society.
The board meets annually to supervise the activities and discuss future milestones.



Former Hospital Director of Skejby Sygehus

Villy Helleskov

Former Managing Director of the Danish Cancer Society

Arne Rolighed


Former Head of Urological Dept. Skejby

Knud Venborg Pedersen  


Professor of Epidemiology

Henrik Toft Sørensen


Professor of Oncology

Hans von der Maase


Chief Physician

Klaus Møller-Ernst Jensen





Professor of Oncological Molecular Biology

Finn Skov Pedersen


Professor of Theoretical Statistics

Jens Ledet Jensen


Professor of Pathology

Stephen Jaques Hamilton-Dutoit


Professor of Pathology

Flemming Brandt Sørensen


Professor of Hematology

Peter Hokland





Professor at The Institute for Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University

Jens Christian Djurhuus



Professor of Surgic Gastroenterology

Søren Laurberg


Professor of Oncological Bioinformatics

Carsten Wiuf


Associate Professor

Jan Enghild